Viz Story 

Viz Story is the video editing tool the two projects take base in. Viz Story is a video editing product that offers completely new methods of doing video production, a never before seen speed and ease of editing and publishing to multiple platforms. The aim of Viz Story is to let people start editing video, sound, graphics and texts without any prior skills in video, sound or graphics production. This will allow the user to focus completely on the creative process of storytelling, and without technical barriers impeding work.

Viz Story runs in the browser, making it easily available for everyone and independent of the computing power of the local computer since it is the server that does all the heavy computing required for video production. The user is always working on proxy video files, allowing for a quick and responsive user experience — the high resolution video files is used first when the user chooses to publish the video story. The transcoding of video, graphics and audio is done server side, as well as the publishing that follow a “click, approve and forget” principle — the user can continue with other video stories or tasks at hand.