The Project

“Better Video Workflows via Real-Time Collaboration and AI-Techniques in TV and New Media” is a research cooperation between the broadcasting software company, Vizrt, and the Interaction Research Group at the Department of Information Science and Media Studies at the University of Bergen. Vizrt are specialist within the field of broadcasting technology, with costumers from around the world. Vizrt has developed Viz Story, an easy to use, web-based video editing system, which this project will take base in. The Interaction Research Group focuses on interactions between humans and information systems, and are especially interested in how technology mediate work, collaboration and learning.

The two primary aims of this project are: 

  1. Research the possibilities of collaborative video editing.

  2. Explore the possibilities to use AI techniques in video editing.

These are areas that could benefit both sides greatly by leveraging Vizrt’s resources to implement both product and experimental features as well as the University of Bergen’s expertise in interaction design research.


This research project is financed by The Research Council of Norway, under the program for BIA (User-driven innovation arena).